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Ravenhearst is a Hardcore Mod for the zombie crafting and survival game 7 Days To Die, available on steam. The mod can be downloaded from the 7d2d Mod Launcher or from Github.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you play vanilla 7d2d before attempting Ravenhearst!

Once you're ready to get going, check out the Getting Started page for information on how to get the mod, then head over to the Server page to find the multiplayer community that's right for you.
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About RavenhearstEdit

Version 4 of Reavenheart released on 7/9/2018. Pages in this wiki are still referencing version 3.2.5 unless otherwise noted. Version 4 is intended for use with 7d2d version A16.4

Wiki contributors are requested to wait till August before modifying pages in order for people to learn as they go.

From Jax:

Welcome to Ravenhearst 4! A scary new world of mutations and freaks unleashed upon the world of the undead. This time around we have peppered our world with new changes and ideas. We hope to gain feedback on these ideas as we plan our future going forward into Alpha 17!

Below are some of the horrific and mind bending changes you can expect in this new world. There are many more to be discovered but this should be enough information to set you out on your course of destruction!

Building and Upgrading

Building your home away from home has completely changed. Now you MUST start with wood frames for ALL shapes. I have added a frame for every piece. There is one upgrade path. From Wood to Steel. So plan accordingly and make every second count as the days rise and the undead begin to take over. You will need innovation to survive!

New Items and Classes

Having a hard time finding that wrench or hammer? The Survivor now starts with the ability to make a stone hammer, which acts as a makeshift wrench and upgrade tool. Clamoring to cook some delicious dishes? The new Cook Class starts you out with the luxuries of a seasoned cook and as a bonus a Bloody Cleaver to slice your way through the undead. All classes have had their rewards tweaked and their steps consolidated to make for a better questing experience!

They are Coming to Get You Barbara

We aren't ignorant. They ARE coming to get you. The world is much more dangerous now. The undead have taken over and with them Hive Zombies have infected the population. Mixed in with the normal undead Hive zombies are here to sneak up on you when you least expect it. Easy to kill but offering little reward it is up to YOU to decide if you want to slaughter them, or allow them to overwhelm you in their massive numbers.

Don't Go In There

The Hive zombies must have a place to call home. And if you happen to find these homes you will be overrun by the sheer terror of their presence. Dotted around cities are Hive Houses. They appear to be normal houses but inside are dozens of hive zombies waiting to eat your flesh. Make it through the horde to find the special Emergency Supply crate for a chance at some much needed survival supplies.

The Horde Is Coming

Horde Nights are more dangerous and starting out you will see a slight increase in what you are normally used to. Gamestages will increase more quickly and dying...well it wont lower your stage at ALL. So plan accordingly. Oh wait....those footsteps. Is that...Rath? Beware Rath, he packs quite a "Punch"

What Have They DONE To This Place

Along with the other changes you are going to notice things work a lot differently around here now. Scavenging is gone. Now it passively levels. Engines need to be built, tires made from Rubber you find on the streets and normal 100 level skills can no longer be bought but must be earned through good old fashioned work. There are some new stations like the Carpenters Bench and the Appliance Table. And some older ones are now gone too, consolidated into bigger benches.

I Knew I saw That Wrench Somewhere

Take caution as you work with your tools and weapons. When they degrade they now BREAK. Make sure to repair them often, and with the new repair kits system. Each class of tool and weapon have their own special repair kits you can craft or find.

The Weight of the World Is On ME

Encumbrance makes its debut in 7 Days to Die. Carry what you like, but mind the weight. Larger heavier items can weigh you down if you carry too many like engines. Guns and weapons are mid level. Special care has been taken to ensure building wont be TOO impacted by this, but it wouldn't be a world of living anguish if there was not SOME penalty for carrying 5000 cement around now would it. The Minibike is now your best friend.

The Infection is KILLING Me

The buffs system has been entirely rebuilt. It now means something to get infected, dirty or bitten. Hygiene is also very important in the Apocalypse and could lead to infected wounds. Snake Bites can be a death sentence and you must also now rest every night in a bed or chair to ensure you don't start to imagine that this is a world where everything is out to kill you.... even though they are!

Please Dont Kill Me Bro

Dying in Ravenhearst now comes with "special" rewards. Your food and water will diminish to 25 percent on respawn and your wellness... well it still goes down by 10. But now the minimum it can go is to 50!

The Best Cracker In The Business

Lockpicking can now be used to crack open safes and pick doors. You will need to become better at this skill by first starting out opening doors. As you progress you can move on to safes around the world. Safes are also now VERY hard to break open so Lockpicking will be the most efficient way of getting those firearms.

Board Up The Windows

You will notice that now you can pull boards off boxes and doors. When you do you will receive the boards that can be used to place on doors and windows. These boards have higher health and can be very useful to quickly seal up a building. Prying the boards from doors and boxes also allows you to silently access boxes and houses. Using a hammer or crowbar in your hand and pressing E reduces the time it takes to pry the boards off.

Research Pays Off

You will now need to research before you can make and use a Research Desk and its recipes. Knowledge Points can now be read like a quest in order to gain Experience in Researching. As you level it you will unlock more recipes. The Research Desk is now more useful as well, not only allowing you to craft classes but recipes, quests and more!

Where is My FOOD

Beginning is going to be harder. Early stage food is scarce and you will need to rely on whatever you can find, including insects! As you progress you will find recipes for other types of foods with benefits but snacking can come at a cost!


The Fallout Zone has spread! Beware where you step! Medics will now be the sole learner of the Trioxin, and its requirements have been lowered. Antibiotics and other medical items now require compounds and mixtures. Hazmat suits can be found or rewarded one piece for each weapon class you complete in full.

Folsom Prison Blues

Make your way carefully around the world. Prisoners and Bandits are scattered and while they may get distracted by the normal zombies, eventually they will turn to you! They are quite juiced up on heroin and Blue Ice so be careful! If anything perhaps the cannibalistic Ghouls will take care of them for you?

Dig You Son of a

Mining has been slightly tweaked. Now you can find deposits of Rock Salt and Limestone and Carbon which will aid you in creating cement, salt, steel and more.

No Place Like...Home

Over a dozen new POIs, dozens more returning favorites and many more tweaked for loot, zombies and more offers you a world like never before seen. Tweaked RWG by Makabriel brings you populated cities spread far out, close knit neighborhoods ripe for the picking and wilderness POIs like you have never seen before! Traders no longer offer protection and their buildings can be destroyed! There is always something to find, right down to ultra rare super sized POIs.

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